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Focus NDT provides non-destructive testing and inspection services for wide range of industries. Founded in Ontario, Canada, we serve customers throughout North America and globally from our strategically located offices in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Our team of certified inspectors are overseen and managed by senior staff who have over 50 years of inspection and reporting experience, with specialized expertise in a wide range of industries. 

Quality Inspections &

Client Relations

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Compliance Inspections For All Industries

Focus NDT team members are well versed in code requirements and specifications across various industries. You can rely on us for code inspection inquiries, and our expert knowledge. You can have confidence our years of experience give us the skills to plan and adjust for each job.

Infrastructure demands diverse services, and Focus NDT possesses certification and extensive experience to oversee them effectively. This includes expertise in managing load-bearing requirements and structural designs.

Focus NDT employs certified professionals who undergo training to inspect every oil and gas industry facet. Our comprehensive services cover a broad spectrum, from refining plants and turnaround services to tank inspections and pipeline testing, providing end-to-end solutions.

Oil & Gas


Inspection of heavy equipment is critical to ensuring that operations continue without interruption. Every mining operation requires regular inspections in order to remain efficient. 

When you order an NDT inspection, you expect professionals who are certified, experienced, and deliver final reports in a timely manner. 

Focus NDT is committed to delivering detailed end-to-end reporting rapidly, without cutting corners or compromising the quality of our inspections.

Maintaining Compliance Through Accurate Detailed Timely Reporting

Tanks, Boilers &

Pressure Vessels

Industries utilize diverse storage solutions, many operating under harsh conditions, necessitating regular evaluations. These routine inspections serve the dual purpose of ensuring compliance with regulations while enhancing worksite safety and promoting environmental preservation.

Piping Integrity & Corrosion

Corrosion detection and monitoring are critical in detecting early warning signs of damage and degradation of metallic structures and components in tanks, pressure vessels and pipes.

Drone Inspections

Remote video inspections are highly cost-effective for carrying out various visual inspection tasks. Our advanced drones offer exceptional performance and can operate in environments where traditional visual inspections would demand significant setup time, pose safety risks such as confined spaces or chemical exposure, and require direct access to elevated structures, and remote sections of pipelines.

Rope Access

When dealing with challenging or inaccessible locations, rope access services offer a cost-effective solution for inspection and repair purposes. Rope access techniques find application in various industries, reaching places as diverse as the tops of stacks, antennae, windmills, and even difficult-to-access areas like underground mines, river crossings, and bridges.

Material Inspection

The industry relies on a wide variety of storage options. Many of these operate under extreme conditions and need to be evaluated regularly. Regular inspections ensure compliance with regulations and address worksite safety and environmental preservation. 

NDT Advanced Services 

Certain non-destructive testing services demand more advanced techniques, certifications, and specialized training. Although they serve the same purpose as essential NDT services, these advanced methods necessitate higher expertise.

Non-destructive testing is employed when there is a need to examine materials, structures, components, or mechanical systems for defects, discontinuities, or indications without causing damage.

Asset Integrity 

Turn Around Support 

Regular inspection is pivotal in Asset Integrity Management (AIM), which encompasses the strategies and practices for overseeing assets ranging from individual pressure vessels to vast industrial complexes such as power plants and refineries.

For Turn Around Support, it is crucial to have expert oversight and comprehensive reporting. Focus NDT possesses the expertise, experience, and proven track record in safety to ensure that this process is executed with precision and adherence to schedules.

Quality Assurance & Control (QA/QC)

Focus NDT will advise and design procedures, implementing specific regulation requirements needed for your industry. We work in various sectors to support compliance and reporting specific to each industry's needs and help you ensure quality throughout your supply chain. 


Quality Assurance 


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