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Corrosion Detection

Corrosion detection and monitoring is critical in detecting early warning signs of damage and degradation of metallic structures and components in tanks, pressure vessels, and pipes.

Asset Integrity 

Turn Around Support 

Regular inspection is critical to Asset Integrity Management (AIM). AIM describes the methods and techniques for managing assets from individual pressure vessels, to industrial complexes like power plants and refineries. 
Turn Around Support needs professional handling and thorough reporting. Focus NDT has a the skill, experience, and safety record to ensure this process is completed accurately and on time.

​Corrosion Mapping
Corrosion Detection/Monitoring

Piping Inspection (API- 570) 
Pipeline (API - 1169) 
Pressure Vessel Inspection (API-510)
Risk Based Inspection (API-580)

Vendor Inspection 

We inspect the supply chain from end to end. With a focus on convenience and cost effectiveness, we ensure quality reporting. Our decades long history working in challenging environments and conditions, with clear understanding of compliance specifications and requirements, ensures our inspections meet or exceed your requirements. 

Focus NDT will advise, design, and implement procedures and specific regulation requirements needed for your industry. We work in a wide range of industries to support compliance and reporting specific to each industry's needs and help assure quality throughout your entire supply chain.

Some non-destructive testing services require more advanced techniques, certifications, and training. While performing the same task as some basic NDT services, the use of these services requires specialized expertise.

Non-destructive testing is for when you need an examination of materials, structures, components, or mechanical systems for defects, discontinuities, or indications without causing damage.
This is a list of basic testing services available

NDT Advanced Services 

Material Inspection

Industries rely on a wide variety of storage options. Many of these operate under extreme conditions, and need to be evaluated on a regular basis. Regular inspections insure compliance with regulations, as well as address worksite safety and environmental preservation. 

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