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NACE Coating Inspection

Our certified NACE Coating inspectors are able to perform non-destructive and destructive testing of coatings. In the majority of cases, the non-destructive testing methods used can be performed on in service equipment.

Focus NDT has certified inspectors qualified for both level 1 and level 2 for both non-destructive and destructive testing needs. Our NACE inspectors have the experience and knowledge to undertake inspections on structural steel, galvanized, thermal spray metals, aluminum, lead, copper, concrete, wood, and polymeric materials.

Our technicians are certified to examine and accurately report the state of various types of coatings. These types include fireproof, anti-fouling, high-heat, powder, temporary protective, concrete, pipeline, mainline, and field joint coatings.

Focus NDT final reports will objectively identify sections and adherence or deviation from coating specifications. Experience as well as current certification or our inspectors, ensure that these reports are comprehensive.

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